June 15, 2006

Roger Sessions - A Better Path to Enterprise Architectures

A good Enterprise Architecture is critical to getting the maximum value out of your company's IT investments. For this reason, many companies spend lots of money trying to develop an Enterprise Architecture. All too often, the result is an expensive fiasco. This MSDN white paper by Roger Sessions looks at some recent spectacular failures of enterprise architectures, analyzes why these failures occurred, and discusses the important lessons your company can learn. The paper outlines a different approach to building an enterprise architecture based on probability theory and wartime combat analysis. A PDF version is also available from Roger's website.

Entry categories: Architecture Interoperability
Posted by Jorgen Thelin at June 15, 2006 08:38 AM - [PermaLink]
Hi Robert, Perhaps I picked this up wrong, but if you're saying complexity reduction is minimized by delegating/decentralizing the architecture of databases - I disagree. In my experience this yields a non-scalable (non-linear) system. Complexity is best addressed by domain competence. Cheers, Bryan Posted by: Bryan on June 20, 2006 09:43 AM