July 13, 2006

TODSTWD - Geoteaming

Today was the annual "Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day" at Microsoft, and one of the activities I got to try with my son Connor this afternoon was "Geoteaming", which is a team-building version of Geocaching.

Geoteaming is basically high-tech orienteering - imagine a group of 9 adults and kids charging round the campus with GPS locaters, Pocket PCs (for the list of clues) and digital cameras (to prove you got to each way-point) trying to find "tokens" in secret cache locations, and you've got the picture!

It was a multi-win event - great fun for everyone, meeting some different folks from Microsoft, a chance to demonstrate and practice some cooperation and team skills, plus some quality time with my son.
I also understand what Jonathan Marsh is talking about now.

The only down side is my son may think this is the sort of thing I get to do every day at work!

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