September 14, 2006

The OSP 38

With the goal of keeping us honest, Dims posted a question about some specs not on the announced list of Covered Specifications under the Open Specification Promise.

Gift horse in the mouth - Microsoft's Open Specification Promise

Hot off the press, here's the answer to that question:

  • WS-Security : SAML Token Profile - This was omitted by mistake - as were a few other WSS token profiles when we re-checked the list. See, even Microsoft folks can goof up once in a while! ;-)
    So, the following specs have now been added to the list at
    • WS-Security: SAML Token profile
    • WS-Security: Kerberos Token Profile
    • WS-Security: Rights Expression Language (REL) Token Profile
  • WS-PolicyAssertions - That spec was deprecated / superseded back in 2004 and replaced with domain specific policy specs like WS-RMPolicy and WS-SecurityPolicy
  • BPEL4WS - We are still evaluating opportunities to extend the covered specifications in this and other areas

So, our gift to you just got even better Dims - it doesn't just cover 35 web services specs, but 38 now! Enjoy.

Posted by Jorgen Thelin at September 14, 2006 10:00 AM - [PermaLink]