February 13, 2007

Interoperability using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Here's some reference links to parts of the WCF documentation that anyone interested in interoperability with WCF should find most useful.

Web Services Protocols Interoperability Guide

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) implements a number of Web Services Protocols. Many of these protocols include a number of options and extensibility points left to the discretion of the implementer to implement. This topic provides a list of Web Services Protocols implemented by WCF. Other topics within this section provide implementation details for each protocol supported.

Web Services Protocols Supported by System-Provided Interoperability Bindings in WCF

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is built to interoperate with Web services that support a set of specifications known as the Web Services specifications. To simplify service configuration for interoperability best practices, WCF introduces three interoperable system-provided bindings: System.ServiceModel.BasicHttpBinding, System.ServiceModel.WsHttpBinding, and System.ServiceModel.WsDualHttpBinding. For metadata publication, there are two interoperable system-provided bindings: mexHttpBinding and mexHttpsBinding. This topic lists specifications that are supported by system-provided interoperable bindings.


Defines a secure, reliable, interoperable binding suitable for non-duplex service contracts. The binding implements the following specifications: WS-Reliable Messaging for reliability, and WS-Security for message security and authentication. The transport is HTTP, and message encoding is Text/XML encoding.
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