August 29, 2008

PDC 2008 - Live Platform: Identity Services

PDC 2008 - Brain There will be lots of the great sessions at the the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in October and the Windows Live Platform crew will be there in force to share all the latest goodness we have been working on during the last few months.

You can expect some very interesting announcements at PDC that will be of great interest to anyone developing cloud applications....

Live Platform Identity Services at PDC 2008

Jorgen Thelin will be there this year presenting a session about the wealth of Windows Live ID Identity Services functionality that developers can use to enable Windows Live / Live ID services to be integrated into their web sites and applications.

Session BB22 - Live Platform: Identity Services

The Live Platform enables developers on any platform to choose the identity integration model that best enables their scenarios, including: web or client authentication, delegated authentication, or federated authentication. Learn how to build seamless, co-branded, and customized sign-up and sign-in experiences.

AD Connection to Microsoft Cloud Services

The other session from the Live ID Team is being presented by Tore Sundelin, and is one you won't want to miss either.

Session BB29 - Connecting Active Directory to Microsoft Cloud Services

Learn how to augment your existing IT infrastructure with Microsoft Services. Manage and secure end user access to cloud services using your existing investment in Active Directory. Enable end users to access cloud services through existing Active Directory accounts, the same way they access your intranet-hosted software today. Hear how to enable existing software to use new service capabilities without re-writes, and do it all through the use of open and standard protocols.

The PDC is designed for leading-edge developers and software architects. If you are interested in the future of the Microsoft platform, you are responsible for the technical strategy in your organization, or you are a highly skilled developer who likes to delve deep into the heart of the platform, then the PDC is for you!

Check the full agenda, then make your registration on-line. Hope you can join us in Los Angeles!

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