September 15, 2008

CodePlex now supports Subversion (SVN)

Support for Subversion (SVN) has been the most frequent feature request from CodePlex users, and today it has been added by popular demand.

CodePlex is now hosting SvnBridge in the cloud to seamlessly talk to Team Foundation Server (TFS) repository which actually stores the source code for each project.

This allows source code access using your favorite Subversion client with any project.

For experienced SVN users, here's the URL pattern to use:


Make sure you use https: and of course replace <projectname> with the name of your project.

This change also means that each source code file for a project is now directly accessible for web browsing with it's own - For example:

More details of how to set up TortoiseSVN as the SVN client for your project are proved in the CodePlex Team blog entry: CodePlex Weblog : CodePlex launches support for TortoiseSVN


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Posted by Jorgen Thelin at September 15, 2008 09:43 AM - [PermaLink]