September 08, 2008

Five Years At Microsoft

Microsoft 5 Year Service AwardIt is hard to believe that it has been five years since I relocated to Redmond and moved to a job at Microsoft. I don't quite know where the time has gone to, but September 8, 2008 was my fifth anniversary at Microsoft -- and the service award trophy arrived from my boss to prove it.

Looking back, the move and acclimation to the new job, company, culture and country were more challenging then originally anticipated, but I would make exactly the same decision if given a do-over.

In case you are wondering, the trophy is made of "optical crystal" with a coloured band across the middle. They are designed by Hybrid3 Design in Seattle, and produced by glass artist Steven Weinberg.

The trophies get bigger at each major service anniversary and have different colored bands -- blue for 5 years service, green for 10 years, red for 15 years and yellow for 20 years service.

More details about the history of Microsoft's service awards are posted in this blog post by Adam Barr:

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