September 15, 2008

Stack Overflow Launches

The Stack Overflow Programmer Q&A site from Joel Spolsky (the guy behind the Joel on Software blog) and Jeff Atwood (the guy behind the Coding Horror blog) has come out of private beta, and is now publicly available for everyone to access.

Stack Overflow is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers — regardless of platform or language. Jump in and share your software engineering expertise!

The motivation behind the site was to combining the idea of a Q&A site with voting and editing to create a collection of helpful and accurate answers to programmer's questions.
Joel sums up the problem with most other Q&A sites in his own inimitable words:

If you're very lucky, on the fourth page of the search results, if you have the patience, you find a seven-page discussion with hundreds of replies, of which 25% are spam advertisements posted by bots trying to get googlejuice for timeshares in St. Maarten, yet some of the replies are actually useful, and someone whose name is Anon Y. Moose has posted a decent answer, grammatically incorrect though it may be, and which contains a devastating security bug, but this little gem is buried amongst a lot of dreck.

Stack Overflow Launches - Joel on Software

People can vote on answers posted to the Stack Overflow site so that the good answers will rise to the top and the bad ones will sink to the bottom - meaning that you can have more confidence in the replies. Users with enough karma / reputation can also edit posts when necessary to correct any problems.

If you are a software developer, I suspect this site will rapidly become one of the first places you look for answers to programming problems.

Give it a try --

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