August 04, 2009

How To Port your iPhone App to Windows Mobile

MSDN has published a case study that describes how to port an iPhone application to the Windows Mobile platform.

Porting to Windows Mobile is a topic that many app developers now seem to be increasingly interested in -- given the frequent issues with getting an iPhone app approved for inclusion in the iPhone App store!

Porting the Amplitude Application from the iPhone to a Windows Mobile Device - a Case Study

Porting an iPhone application proved both surprising and not nearly as challenging as had been expected. Once the frameworks and library decisions were finalized, the effort to port code essentially consisted of moving Objective C to C#, both of which are Java-like languages.

The large development community, both within Microsoft and outside, and the various whitepapers, blogs, virtual labs, websites, and other online documentation, offered a wealth of information that provided direction and greatly facilitated problem resolution. The only real challenge was assuring total portability between screens, and that was assured by utilizing the concept of aspect ratios.

Now that Amplitude has been ported, Gripwire has an application that runs on a wide variety of devices that run the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and can reach a larger number of users.

By porting their applications to Windows phones, iPhone developers can potentially increase revenue and connect directly to millions of Windows phone users that are looking for applications for their phones.

Some background and discussion of the experience of porting the application from iPhone to Windows Mobile is provided in this blog post by Constanze Roman on the Windows Mobile Community Team

The Amplitude app combines a rich user interface with features such as alpha blending and transparency, with specific audio and sound requirements.
This makes it challenging to port the app but, at the same time, provides a number of great learning experiences for Windows Mobile developers.

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