November 30, 2010

MSR Tech Report - Orleans: A Framework for Cloud Computing - MSR-TR-2010-159

Technical report MSR-TR-2010-159 about our team's Orleans project is now available on the Microsoft Research website.

Orleans: A Framework for Cloud Computing

Sergey Bykov, Alan Geller, Gabriel Kliot, James Larus, Ravi Pandya, and Jorgen Thelin
30 November 2010

Client + cloud computing is a disruptive, new computing platform, combining diverse client devices -- PCs, smartphones, sensors, and single-function and embedded devices -- with the unlimited, on-demand computation and data storage offered by cloud computing services such as Amazon's AWS or Microsoft's Windows Azure. As with every advance in computing, programming is a fundamental challenge as client + cloud computing combines many difficult aspects of software development.

Orleans is a software framework for building client + cloud applications. Orleans encourages use of simple concurrency patterns that are easy to understand and implement correctly, building on an actor-like model with declarative specification of persistence, replication, and consistency and using lightweight transactions to support the development of reliable and scalable client + cloud software.

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