April 25, 2015

MVA - Exploring Microservices in Docker and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Virtual Academy Live Event 05-May-2015 - Exploring Microservices in Docker and Microsoft Azure.

Microservices are highly scalable, resilient, and composable units of deployment for modern applications. Self-contained for fit and purpose, they are a key part of the world of continuous delivery and DevOps.

Compare microservices to containers, with a look at Azure and Docker for building an API service layer.

Course Outline:

  • From Monolithic to Microservice: A Brief History
  • What Microservices Are and Why They Are Important
  • Microservice Logical Architecture
  • Creating Your First Microservice
  • Microservice Deployment Scenarios: Instances and Containers
  • Using API Manager and Resource Manager to Bundle Microservices

Posted by Jorgen Thelin at April 25, 2015 10:57 PM - [PermaLink]